LIVE Design Group Studio
Birmingham, Alabama

After recent remote working and a changing client landscape the sixteen members of this firm sought to re-imagine their office experience. While many companies downsized, this firm chose to expand square footage by approximately 40%, allowing for larger meeting rooms, more space between studio workstations and increased places for social connectivity. Clients are invited to engage in one and two-day real-time design sessions creating the need for a relaxed atmosphere, dining and break-out spaces and technology to support the experience.

Design Process

Conceptually, the space is a vehicle to bring folks back together. While maintaining the historic character of the core and shell renovation, the 6,000 square foot interior is centered around the employee and client experience. A sweeping corridor connects the two building entries with the receptionist station centrally placed to greet visitors and employees and serve as a pivotal point of circulation between group and singular work mode activities. Allowing for more distancing, the plan incorporates an open studio typical of a design firm but incorporates the addition of an employee and client lounge, indoor recreation space, a covered patio, and garage doors that connect spaces to each other and to the outdoors…providing unique opportunities for employees and visitors alike to build relationships.

The centerpiece of the project is an immersive, high-tech, Creative Suite, to accommodate the firms’ interactive design sessions.  Building upon emerging technologies, the group uses this room to expand its real time design process, incorporating immersive projection, augmented reality, and virtual reality experiences.

Capitalizing on the inherent character of the former storage warehouse, existing bow trusses spanning the width of the building are exposed and combined with metal screens and minimal partition build-out.