Looking Back | LIVE Design Session Memories

Since our first LIVE Design Session in May of 2010, we have conducted over ninety sessions with churches throughout the United States. We have learned a great deal from the churches that experienced the LIVE Session process and each one contributed greatly to the evolution of this unique approach to church design. Every LIVE design session is a learning experience for both the churches and certainly for our team. As we learn, we continually tweak our approach and automate more of the process. The improvements from our experience create greater ability for input for future churches, making everyone a contributor.

The positive response to the concept of a church sitting in the room with their architect, giving real-time feedback, is amazing. It pushes us forward and encourages us to improve the process. 90+ churches have experienced the benefits of watching the exploration of ideas with the architect during the LIVE process. When we helped them explore concepts for their unique project, they have participated in every decision.

As we approach 2020, we are not far from the anniversary of our first LIVE Design Session. The greatest blessing of the LIVE Session process is the friendships we have made with the pastors and church staffs. As we look back on ten years of partnering with churches to achieve the vision for their facilities, we have reached out to them to see how the process impacted their vision for the future and how the LIVE Session might have helped God reveal His plan to each church. Some of our LIVE Sessions evolved into the construction of new churches and some did not. However, we hope the final direction is God’s plan for the future of each ministry. We would also hope the process helped each team in seeking God’s plan for the campus expansion.

The various church teams and the vision for their church, has made every LIVE Session unique. We believe sharing these personal experiences could perhaps enlighten and influence other pastors and churches as they minister to their congregations and grow God’s Kingdom.

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