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Put the creative freedom back in your hands by participating in collaboration and creation. It’s your vision — now be a part of designing it from the beginning.

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LIVE Design Session

LIVE Design Sessions are a one- or two-day on-site experiences where you and your team are part of designing your building with us LIVE. We leverage virtual reality technology and the power of collaboration to create a real-time experience that encourages open discussions and tests multiple design ideas. As we design together, your building comes to life virtually right in front of you, allowing you to fully understand what your facility will look like and feel like. The LIVE Sessions ensure the most creative, cost-effective design for your organization.

Benefits for you:

  • Quicker buy-in from key stakeholders
  • More time-saving and cost-saving approach
  • Equipped to engage in building fundraising faster

Who Participates

Our LIVE Design Sessions involve the most critical people in the design process to help protect what matters most for your building. Our team consists of both architects and interior designers. From your team, we encourage you to involve your key stakeholders from different parts of your organization. The unique approach streamlines communication, involves all necessary viewpoints, and aligns everyone around a singular vision for the project.

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LIVE Session Deliverables

The LIVE session deliverables vary to meet the needs of each unique project and client, however, these examples should give you an idea of the level of detail and what all is accomplished in the LIVE session. As you can see, these tools are incredibly beneficial in establishing and communicating your vision for the project.

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