Craig Krawczyk

President | Architect

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Craig has had the opportunity to work on a variety of project types in Atlanta and New York City before starting a family here in Birmingham. While in NYC, he experienced a diverse client and office culture, working on projects from historic renovations and adaptive reuse, to multi-family residential. At LIVE Design Group, Craig has developed a specialty in designing worship facilities, fine arts centers, and academic spaces.

Craig believes that he didn’t choose architecture, it chose him. His childhood love for building ballparks and stadiums out of Legos has re-surfaced in the building types on which he likes to work. His passion lies in the process of designing and innovation in 3D visualization and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. These childhood interests have translated into a successful career focused on bringing innovation into the design process and developing better ways to deliver architectural solutions to clients.

When he is not designing you’ll find him with his three daughters on the ballfield or at a dance recital, or late at night adding to his music collection, banging around on the piano, or watching software tutorials.